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Joe Burgstaller is a Yamaha Performing Artist.

Yamaha is family for over 25 years now. We’re all interested in the same thing, making the world a better place through music.  In Yamaha’s case, it happens to be through excellence in design and craftsmanship. Yamaha is changing the brass world! And what I respect so much about them, too, is that it is a reciprocal relationship. The horns are greatly influenced by the Artists and the Artists are greatly influenced by the horns. - Joe Burgstaller

Joe and the 25th Anniversary Xeno
Woodwind and Brasswind Interview
Joe plays the YTR-9445CHSII - Artist Model C Trumpet
Joe plays the YTR-9835 Piccolo Trumpet Bb/A
Joe plays the YFH-6310Z Flugelhorn in Bb

Joe Burgstaller's Yamaha Gear

YTR-9445CHSII - Artist Model C Trumpet, 2nd Generation - Silver Plated
YTR-6445HS2 - Heavy Wall Mark II C Trumpet, Modified Malone - Silver Plated

YCR 8335 Cornet in Bb - Gold Plated
YCR-6335HS Cornet in Bb - Silver Plated

YTR-8335G Xeno Bb trumpet, Gold Pated
YTR-8335RG Xeno Bb trumpet, Lacquer
YTR-8335IIRS Xeno Bb Trumpet, Lacquer
YTR-9335VS Xeno Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated

YFH-6310Z Flugelhorn in Bb, Bobby Shew Model
YFH-2310 Flugelhorn in Bb, Lacquer

YTR-9830 Piccolo Trumpet Bb/A - Gold Plated
YTR-9830 Piccolo Trumpet Bb/A - Silver Plated

YTR-9610 Custom Eb/D Trumpet - Silver Plated

Mouthpieces - Trumpet

Mouthpieces - Cornet

Yamaha Silent Brass System


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