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"dashing… dazzled like sheet-lightning"

The Washington Post


"superhuman musicality… Burgstaller even played

two trumpets at the same time!"

The Syracuse Standard (NY)


"quite simply, a superstar of the trumpet.

His stunning musicianship, gorgeous tone and absolute charm

make his concerts unforgettable."

JoAnn Falletta, Music Director, Virginia Symphony and Buffalo Philharmonic


"full of heart... "

Klassik Magazine (Cologne, Germany)


"Burgstaller was a true miracle... (!)"

Der Neuer Merker (Munich, Germany)


"a meteoric career"

The Arizona Republic


"world-class... breathtaking"

The FrankfurterHoff (Germany)


"One of the most successful classical trumpeters

in North American history."

Montecito Journal, Santa Barbara


"No one can deny the virtuosity and flamboyant

musicianship of Mr. Burgstaller. His singing tone,

lightning technique, and extroverted phrasing

place him in a different league."

The International Trumpet Guild Journal


"Burgstaller continually delighted the audience

with his musical dexterity... indefatigable..."

The Ann Arbor News (MI)


"gorgeous flugelhorn... superb arrangements..."


"Burgstaller's piccolo playing throughout this album is

no less than perfect… I had to pinch myself

for thinking that I heard a high clarinet!"

Brass Herald Magazine

"Joe has played Bach’s staggeringly difficult

Brandenburg Concerto #2 with me many times. 

His performance is always flawless,

sensitive and apparently effortless!"."

Anthony Newman, Conductor, “The High Priest of the Harpsichord” (TIME Magazine)

"flashy, perfectly executed solos... awesome on the piccolo trumpet."

Times-Union (Tory, NY)


" Unbelievable Virtuosity."


" The Next (Rafael) Méndez"

The Instrumentalist Magazine


"a dazzling display of what could be done with a trumpet."

Stratford Beacon Herald (Ontario, Canada)


"delighted the audience with an amazing display

of skill and technique, a virtuosic performance,

plus the passion of a display of superb musicianship."

The Pine Bluff Commercial (AR)


"thoroughly enchanted the audience...

dazzling technique and artistry."

The Paris Beacon-News (IL)


"enthralled the audience with an almost

unbelievable mastery of his instrument..."

The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (PA)


"beautiful, filled with expression..."

The Concordia Blade-Empire (KS)


"dazzled the audience... his playing was

flawlessly stunning with perfect technique and control"

The International Trumpet Guild Journal


"a rare and enriching performance... incredible musical talent..."

The Delta County Independent (CO)


"Josef Burgstaller's fingers were a blur,

with every Gatling gun-style note delivered

perfectly on his piccolo trumpet during a Bach number."

Argus Leader (SD)


"Josef Burgstaller's [original composition] Lullaby is

an understated gem"

Gramophone Magazine

"hip and approachable...

majestically sublime beauty... marvelous!" (Dan McClenaghan)


“This quartet is on to something quite marvelous:

a hybrid interplay between jazz and classical music

- even opera - that should please fans of both genres,

and expose the separatists to the

virtues of each form...delightful...”

JazzNotes (Ken Franckling)

"ingenious... ethereal moments of true beauty and genius" (C. Michael Bailey)


"Masterly combined mind and heart"

Schwabische Post (Germany)

“…a superb marriage of Jazz and Classical music.

Burgstaller’s tone on trumpet is gorgeous and expressive…

The virtuosity of these group of musicians allows them to

played with comfort either Jazz, Latin Jazz or Classical.”

JazzTimes (Wilbert Sostre)


“Stunning... (Mozart) surely would consider (this)

hip if he revisited the planet to jam with them."

JazzNotes (Ken Franckling)

“Recommended. Very tasteful for lovers of both genres.” (Michael Matheny)


“very engaging music, beautifully crafted and likely to

please both the jazz and classical listener.”

Jazz Society of Oregon


“…a very entertaining jazz classical mix that served the

old and young masters of both genres to all honor.”

Augsburger Allegemeine (Germany)


"Creates a stirring spell...

Combines centuries–separated styles

to a new admirable listening experience...

A refreshing, extraordinary listening pleasure"

Donau Kurier (Germany)

 “…delightful… rich… delicious… dramatic… brilliant…

Fans with open ears will be rewarded by hearing these

outstanding performances.”

AllMusicGuide (Ken Dryden)


“…a superior instrumental performance in itself, with

Burgstaller's quiet trumpet stylings.”

AllMusicGuide (James Manheim)

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