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Arizona State University

Trumpet Studio

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About Arizona State University

As a proud alumnus of ASU, I feel that I am qualified to share
with you why I think this is a great place!!

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Joe Burgstaller 
Associate Professor of Trumpet

Inaugural Recipient of the ASU School of Music Distinguished Alumnus Award (2003)


Affordable Tuition and Great Scholarships


  • Very competitive, affordable tuition

  • Great scholarships

  • Low cost of living 

  • (most of my students have a robust mix  of music and academic scholarships)

  • Academic scholarship calculator for first-year students (academic scholarship only, before additional music scholarship!):


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High Quality Comprehensive Education

  • Top 10 “Best Buy” public universities for quality in relation to cost and student debt

  • Top 10 fine arts program

  • No. 1 in U.S. for innovation (over MIT)

  • Top 1% of world’s most prestigious universities

  • more rankings here: 

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As an alumnus of ASU, I like to think of studyingMusic at ASU as a multi-layered and flexible experience...

  • within the village that is the School of Music (about 750 people) 

  • within the town that is ASU (about 52,000 on the main campus) 

  • within the metropolis of Phoenix (about 5 million)

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My father thinks that the ASU campus feels like a resort.

That probably says it all!

But please do not let this make you think this means a lack of intensity. The abundant sunlight makes us happier here, yes, and also more energized (this is science, not opinion). 


The "Heat" vs. "Paradise"

Arizona has the reputation that is "hot" here. Well, ok... yes, if you want to live here in the summer, then it's hot! In that case you stay indoors, and go swimming a lot (so many pools here!). However, during the school months, it's paradise!

Here's a chart of average temperatures.

Month           Low      High

August           81°      105°

September     75°      100°

October          64°       89°

November      51°       76°

December      44°       68°

January          45°       68°

February        48°       72°

March             52°       77°

April                59°       86°

May                67°       94°

June               76°      104°

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About the ASU Trumpet Studio

Who will you surround yourself with as you strive to get better?
The answer, to me, is simple: good people. Great people, really.

Studio Shot 1.png

Persons who will uplift you, inspire you and reciprocally demand the same excellence from you... through their actions, their choices, their respect, their attitudes, their focus, their sense of purpose, their positivity, their relentlessness, and through healthy competition with each other.

All trumpet students, regardless of degree track (Performance, MusEd, MusTherapy, Jazz, Popular Music, Double-Major, etc.), are intensely integrated into the studio with each other. Our bond together is trumpet, and we can all learn from each other.

We start every week with our Trumpet Warmup Show on Monday mornings. We see each other again twice more per week for Trumpet Studio Class, which includes activities such as:

  • Trumpet Ensemble

  • Mock Auditions

  • Pedagogy discussion (we also have a separate, dedicated Pedagogy class)

  • Guest masterclasses

  • Jazz sessions 

  • Entrepreneurship meetings

  • more!



Some accomplishments of current students in the studio:

All-State (in high school)

Arizona (2 Principals)



New York

N. Carolina (2 Principals)

Texas 5A (Principal)

Texas 6A


Washington, and more

Summer Festivals

National Youth Orchestra (NYO2) – (Principal)

National Repertory Orchestra

National Honor Band and Orchestra of America - (Principals)

National Music Festival – (Principal)

Essentially Ellington at Lincoln Center (Brass Award)

Eastern Music Festival

Rafael Mendez Brass Institute

Brevard Music Center Summer Institute and Festival

2019 DCI World Champion Blue Devils, and more

About the ASU School of Music

Joe ASU pic.png

Our School of Music is an inventive music school with a comprehensive view of music; a cutting-edge music school with an abundance of opportunities; and a music school that inspires originality and demands dedication. 

We have:

  • A 21st Century, cutting-edge curriculum

  • Award-winning ensembles (i.e. ASU Orchestras won the 2019 American Prize for Orchestral Programming)

  • Robust Health & Wellness Resources

  • Amazing and inspiring students (see below in the Trumpet Studio section)

  • Unbelievable facilities (again, my father thinks that ASU feels like a resort!)

  • A world-class faculty

Scene quiz-3.jpg

Unique, Modern, Relevant and Cutting Edge Curriculum

Our faculty is made up of world-class performers, educators, and scholars.

Together we’ve reverse-engineered our paths to becoming modern, thriving professional musician an all fields, and incorporated our experiences into our curriculum, integrating our 21st Century skillsets into the traditional core musical skills, including a brand-new Certificate Course in Music Entrepreneurship.


We have multiple, flexible and creative degree paths not found at other institutions. This reflects the uniqueness of ASU itself, which mashes together different disciplines in inventive and complimentary combinations.

Discover some of these degrees here:


ASU ensembles have commissioned and premiered many new works, performed at major state, regional and national conferences and produced a number of recordings.



Symphony Orchestra


Music Theatre/Opera Orchestra


Wind Ensemble

Wind Symphony

Concert Band


Concert Jazz Band

Jazz Repertory Band

Latin Jazz Band

World/Popular Music

Mariachi Ensemble

Javanese Gamelan

Drum Circle

World Percussion Ensemble

Athletic Bands

Sun Devil Marching Band

Basketball Bands

Dixie Devils


Concert Choir

Gospel Choir

Women’s Chorus

Arizona Statesmen

Health and Wellness

We have the advantage of being a major research University with a major sports program. As of this writing, our football program is ranked #17 in the country, and last season our basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament.  Go SunDevils!! (Forgive my enthusiasm).  With these programs, Health and Wellness is a foundation of the ASU culture, and experts and facilities abound on campus.

In the S.O.M. specifically, our offerings mirror the strong ASU Health and Wellness culture, and we have unique health and wellness options, including our Movement for Musicians course (free). Click here:


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