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Joe Burgstaller, trumpet 
Hector Martignon, piano
Hans Glawischnig, bass

John Ferrari - drums

5 BSS.jpg

“hip and approachable...

majestically sublime beauty”

“Stunning... (Mozart) surely would consider (this) hip if he revisited the planet to jam with them.”

-JazzNotes -

“…delightful… rich… delicious… dramatic… brilliant…”

-AllMusicGuide -

The New York City-based BurgstallerMartignon4 performs an exciting and inventive hybrid of Classical and Jazz that has simultaneously ignited the excitement of fans of both genres.  Their concerts straddle Jazz and Classical, inventively and organically combining them while remaining sophisticated and accessible.

If Bach, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Puccini, Ravel and Satie were alive today, what would they listen to and be influenced by? What would/did their music sound like with the freshness of newness? What if we found the resulting experiments hidden away in their secret files? Since this is impossible to know, we have instead taken a creative route to live out these flights of imagination and try to reconnect with the spirit in which these works were born to the world.


Their debut recording Mozart’s Blue Dreams & Other Crossover Fantasies (Summit Records & C.A.R.E. Music Group) was thrust in its very first week into the Top-50 JazzRadio Charts, and was featured on over 100 Jazz and Classical stations.  BM4’s follow-up CD Bach’s Secret Files and More Crossover Fantasies (Summit, C.A.R.E.) has continued that success, playing on again over 100 stations and charting for several months on the Roots Radio Charts (under Paul Simon, but right above the Beastie Boys).

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