"Burgstaller is a 'Talent Whisperer' in the truest sense, mixing intuition, experience and an uncommon talent for enabling students to rise above their own limiting beliefs."
Dr. Stephen Paul Adler, Ph.D, CGP, B.C.E.P.T.S. - Director ACT Institute
"An absolutely life-changing experience. His teaching penetrates and explores the depth and dimension of our psyche and what it means to be a performer... rare sensitivity, commitment and expertise."
Naomi Kudo, Pianist - Winner 2007 Chopin Prize (Juilliard School) & 2008 Gilmore Young Artists Award
"Never in my tenure as a teacher has an artist make the impact on the students that you did."
John Hillsman, formerly Director of The McDonalds All-American High School Band

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This transformative class for ALL INSTRUMENTS is like choosing between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill in the popular Matrix movies. This 3-hour session is based on Mr. Burgstaller's wildly successful 8-part series for all instruments at The Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore, MD (where he has held a permanent position teaching trumpet and chamber music since 2008).

Using insights and direction from a combination of modern behavioral science, neuroscience, sports-inspired psychology, and good old-fashioned experience and intuition, performers and audience/observers explore beyond their individual realities, personal mix of truth and perceived limitations, enabling instant and startling improvement and a whole new freedom and power to their performance.

Topics include:


This special clinic focuses on the art of presentation and the experience of connection with the audience. Burgstaller works closely with several ensembles to enable them to quickly begin addressing what's REALLY going on onstage: a relationship with your audience!

It is the SHARED experience between audience, performers and composer that enables the magic of music. In order to graduate from the practice room to the stage, there is a whole skill-set and awareness that must be addressed. Often overlooked or misidentified and dismissed as "entertainment", our connection with our audience and the manner in which we present our music to them is paramount to a successful performance.

Topics include: